Cruise Deal May Reignite “Edge of Tomorrow 2” SuperNayr

Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly hoping to move forward with a sequel to 2014’s Tom Cruise-led sci-fi feature “Edge of Tomorrow”.

A new feature piece in THR has gone into the recently announced non-exclusive deal between the action superstar and Warner Bros. Pictures that will see him develop, produce and lead “original and franchise theatrical films”.

According to the trade, the deal between Cruise and Warner Bros. Discovery has been loosely in the works for almost a year, and hastened by several factors as the trade suggests Cruise was unhappy with the way Paramount has dealt with him on a number of issues.

One was the studio announcing that “Top Gun: Maverick” would have a mere 45-day theatrical run, which ultimately didn’t happen. Another was the studio reportedly pushed for Cruise to approve “Mission: Impossible” and “Days of Thunder” TV series for the Paramount+ service.

Paramount has issues with Cruise as well as multiple delays of “Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One” and the skyrocketing budget on that film put Paramount at a loss of an absolute minimum of $25 million.

Sources for the outlet suggest it was well north of that, with one saying: “He [Cruise] used to be very responsible on budgets. That changed on ‘Dead Reckoning’”. How that approach will gel with WBD CEO David Zaslav, famous for slashing and burning costly projects, is uncertain.

Then of course the future of Paramount itself looks entirely unclear with much speculation right before Christmas of a potential deal to merge or be acquired by Warner Bros. Discovery.

With Cruise now at Warners, the article indicates the long-discussed “Edge of Tomorrow” follow-up may finally happen as current Warners chiefs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy have wanted to do one since the first came out back in 2014.

Such a sequel is said to be separate from the unknown action-thriller film Warner Bros. that has already greenlit for Cruise who also has commitments to finish the next “Mission: Impossible” as well as the Doug Liman-directed film to be partly shot in space.

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