Creepy Old Footage Resurfaces Of Diddy Talking About A ‘Crazy’ Weekend With 15-Year-Old Justin Bieber! WTF! SuperNayr

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Why the hell did Diddy spend a “crazy” couple days with an underage Justin Bieber??

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that s**t has REALLY been hitting the fan for the embattled rapper. On Monday, both his Beverly Hills and Miami homes were raided by the feds amid sex trafficking and sexual misconduct allegations. And now, the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.

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Over the past few days, creepy old footage resurfaced shedding light on a totally inappropriate 48 hours a young J.B. spent with Diddy for reasons unknown. In the clip, Justin — who was just 15 at the time — stood next to Diddy, who explained what was going down. He said:

“Have you ever seen the movie 48 Hours? Right now he’s having 48 hours with Diddy. Him and his boy, they’re having the times of their lives.”

Um, what?? The Bad Boy For Life rapper continued:

“Where we’re hanging out and what we’re doing, we can’t really disclose. But it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream.”

RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG!!! That sounds so creepy! Why was J.B. with him for two days? Why couldn’t Diddy “disclose” what they were doing?? He added:

“I have been given custody of him. He’s signed to Usher — I had legal guardianship of Usher when he did his first album, I did Usher’s first album. I don’t have legal guardianship of [Justin], but for the next 48 hours, he’s with me. And we’re going to go full buck, full crazy.”

Justin then added, “We’re going crazy.” You can see the clip (below):

We’re sorry, but WHAT THE F**K?! Why the hell does a (then) 40-year-old man want to hang out with a 15-year-old?? Especially one who’s completely unrelated to him?? Please, make it make sense. And the Usher stuff? Also SO creepy! Especially in the wake of the resurfaced Howard Stern clip in which Usher said he saw “wild” and “crazy” stuff at Diddy’s mansion when he was underage. And those aren’t even the only two examples of weird activity with minors, FWIW. Diddy was also recently accused of raping a 17-year-old girl!!

On X (Twitter), users raised their eyebrows to the roof:

“What 40 year old wants to ‘hang out’ with a 15 year old? Unless, of course, it’s your child or a close relative.”

“Where is JB’s mother? She is responsible for her 15 year old son.”

“I’ve been thinking it for weeks. Poor Justin.”

“it’s super creepy seeing all these videos of Diddy that’s coming out, but what’s really concerning is.. Diddy might be just the tip of the ice berg. How many more Diddy’s are still protected in the industry? How many more kids have been groomed?”

Ugh. What is going on, y’all?! Let us know your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

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