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Yesterday’s news of Warner Bros. Pictures opting to scrap any release of the comedy feature “Coyote vs. Acme” has sent shockwaves across the industry with an outcry from not just the public and others in the industry, but also some of the crew who worked on the film.

Will Forte, John Cena and Lana Condor star in the live-action/animation hybrid feature co-written by James Gunn and which was originally going to be a straight-to-Max film before later taking what ultimately became the “Barbie” release date.

The $70 million budgeted film was moved from the date and little had been heard from since until yesterday’s news which revealed the company was set to reap an estimated $30 million tax write-off on the project by vaulting the film much like they did with “Batgirl” last year.

Unlike “Batgirl” however, this film was finished with the movie reportedly landing stellar test screenings scores. In a new report in Rolling Stone, it has been revealed that director Dave Green and top producers were only informed of the news after Warner Bros. already underwent the process of writing off the movie. In addition, Warners made clear the movie was not for sale, despite multiple buyers having reportedly expressed interest.

The film’s Oscar-winning composer Steven Price has now posted a video on Twitter of a score recording session for the film in which singers do a version of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture albeit with Road Runner ‘meep meep’ sounds.

He calls what happened “bizarre anti-art studio financial shenanigans I will never understand” and confirmed the film’s animation was “totally complete and looked great” with the whole film “mixed and finished”.

He’s not the only crew member sharing stuff either. A crew reel was posted online yesterday in the wake of the news, showing off some of the film’s production and set design, but that reel has since been removed.

Meanwhile, numerous filmmakers who attended the test screenings have been posting their reviews of the film including BenDavid Grabinski who calls it “the best of its kind since ‘Roger Rabbit’”.

The cast and crew who worked on the film will reportedly be given the chance to see the movie during a special screening next week in Los Angeles according to the outlet.

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