Complete cast of ‘The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys’ SuperNayr

The Western genre has seen a resurgence in recent years, with shows like Yellowstone, 1923, and Justified bringing viewers back to the ranch for more drama and romance. The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys is a fresh addition to the lineup. This docuseries delves deeply into the heart of Missouri, following the McBee family as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of ranching life in modern times. Released on Peacock in March, the first season made its mark, and a second season is expected.

Synopsis of The McBee Dynasty

The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys follows the lives of the McBee family and their multi-million-dollar ranching business. McBee Farm & Cattle stands on the threshold of becoming a billion-dollar enterprise, hinging on a crucial decision from a venture capital firm poised to invest over one hundred million dollars. Steve McBee, the family patriarch, and recent divorcé, founded this farming and ranching powerhouse in rural Missouri. However, his affair with Galyna, the CFO, threatens to unravel the business. With the farm’s future at stake, Steve’s four sons vie for control of the family business, igniting a fierce conflict over succession.

Steve McBee Sr.

Steve McBee is the patriarch of the McBee family. His decades of experience and no-nonsense approach to life on the ranch are the bedrock upon which McBee Farm & Cattle is built. McBee Sr. is divorced, and the father of four sons. He is also having a not-so-secret affair with the ranch’s CFO, Galyna. His relationship may put the business and his relationship with his oldest son at stake, but he is unwilling to let it go. While he knows that one of his sons must take over as the new head of the family business, he’s uncertain about which one it will be.

Steven McBee Jr.

Steven McBee Jr. is McBee Sr.’s oldest son, and is first in line for inheriting the McBee ranch. Steven, the business-savvy heir apparent and the “father figure” among the four brothers is facing a rift with his father due to the aforementioned affair. Confident in his belief that the company wouldn’t thrive without him as the reigning McBee CEO, Steven now finds his position challenged. His younger brothers are determined to claim the title he once thought was securely his.

Cole McBee

Cole McBee is the second child of the family. As the quintessential middle child, Cole is known as the family’s “wild child.” Like his brothers, Cole McBee never misses a chance to shotgun a beer. He works hard in the fields, and parties even harder after hours. Despite his love for a good time, farming remains a top priority for Cole, and he’s willing to fight his brothers for the title.

Jesse McBee

Known as the family’s “pretty boy,” Jesse often wins over the hearts, but being a younger brother means enduring teasing from his older brothers. However, this doesn’t deter him from standing his ground. Jesse McBee competes fiercely with his brothers, both in matters of romance, and the family’s soon-to-be billion-dollar ranch.

Brayden McBee

As the youngest member of the family, Brayden McBee isn’t as close to his father as his brothers are. Having spent most of his time with his mother, from whom Steve McBee Sr. divorced years ago, Brayden finds the farm and ranching business somewhat unfamiliar. Despite the strained relationship with his dad, Brayden is determined to step up and prove himself. Although he has big shoes to fill, he works tirelessly on the farm, showcasing his commitment and dedication.

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