Colbert Jokes That With Chris Christie Out of the GOP Primary, Nikki Haley Can ‘Take All of His Voter’ | Video SuperNayr

Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun Wednesday night, roasting now-former GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie, who dropped out of the Republican primary race earlier in the day.

And the CBS host took particular delight with what was genuinely a very, very good pun, joking that now that he’s dropped out of the race, his rival Nikki Haley is poised to “take all of his voter.”

And yes, he said “voter,” the joke being that Christie only had the one.

“There is breaking news about former Governor of New Jersey and man so nice they Chris’d him twice, Chris Christie tonight at five o’clock, so this just happened a little while ago, Chris Christie officially announced he is dropping out of the presidential race,” Colbert said.

“He made this tough decision after looking at the polls and realizing it was an easy decision,” Colbert added, referring of course to Christie’s consistently dismal polling among Republicans (as of today his support dropped to just 2% of them).

Chris Christie

“Christie is not expected to make any endorsements at this time,” Colbert continued, “but the timing of this decision indicates that he’s clearing the way for Nikki Haley to take all of this voter.”

At this, Colbert took a moment to bask as the audience realized the pun, joking “it’s a stroker,” meaning a chin-stroker. We laughed.

Them Colbert noted how “Christie was the most high profile and consistent critic of Trump still in the Republican primary, unlike Ron DeSantis, whose campaign slogan is ‘Ron DeSantis, Trump 2024.’”

You can watch the clip below right now:

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