Cillian Murphy Recalled His Nervous First Encounter With Brendan Gleeson Before Starring In ’28 Days Later’ SuperNayr

With Cillian Murphy racking up nominations for his starring role in Oppenheimer, the actor has been working the awards circuit to discuss the Christopher Nolan film as well as his breakout performance in 28 Days Later. Director Danny Boyle recently announced that a direct sequel, 28 Years Later, is being developed, and that led to Murphy being asked about his role in the 2002 zombie film while taking part in a recent SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations event.

Murphy had nothing but positive things to say about 28 Days Later, and most particularly, his co-star Brendan Gleeson. At the time, Gleeson was a celebrated Irish actor. However, Murphy wasn’t nervous to work with Gleeson on the zombie film because the two had actually met years earlier when the young actor got his jitters out of the way on the set of Sweety Barrett.

Via Variety:

“I remember on that film I had to pour him a pint of Guinness. My hand was shaking,” Murphy recalled, demonstrating how shaky his hands were. “But he was so kind. I was just a kid, but he would spend the time and talk to you. I think that shows the measure of the man. I’ve worked with him five or six times now and he’s one of my all-time heroes and the kindest, sweetest man – and an absolute legend.”

As for the big question of whether Murphy will return for 28 Years Later, which he’s now credited as an executive producer on, the actor gave a very coy answer: “I’m available.”

(Via Variety)

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