Chun Woo Hee Plays A Hidden Card To Manipulate Jang Ki Yong Into Marrying Her In “The Atypical Family” SuperNayr

Will Chun Woo Hee be able to trick Jang Ki Yong into marrying her on JTBC’s “The Atypical Family”?

“The Atypical Family” is a new fantasy romance drama about a family that once had supernatural powers, but lost them after suffering from realistic modern-day problems. Jang Ki Yong stars as Bok Gwi Joo, who once had the ability to time-travel but lost his power after becoming depressed due to a devastating accident.


On the previous episode of “The Atypical Family,” Bok Gwi Joo was confused by the discovery that he could only travel back in time to moments with Do Da Hae. Although he initially didn’t believe Do Da Hae when she said he gave her a bouquet of flowers and hugged her, when Bok Gwi Joo went back in time, he wound up doing exactly what she’d described.

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming fourth episode, Do Da Hae picks up the pace of her scheme to marry Bok Gwi Joo. In an attempt to speed up her plot, Do Da Hae decides to play a hidden card. One photo shows her concentrating on something on her computer screen with a serious expression, piquing curiosity as to what kind of ace she has hidden up her sleeve.

In the next set of photos, Bok Gwi Joo looks startled when Do Da Hae unexpectedly seeks him out without warning. Deciding to take advantage of the fact that he can’t remember things that have happened to her, Do Da Hae presents Bok Gwi Joo with a document that he reads with a grave expression.

Afterwards, Do Da Hae gazes into Bok Gwi Joo’s eyes with determination, raising the question of whether her plan will succeed—and how Bok Gwi Joo will react to the card she has just played.

“In Episode 4, which airs today, Do Da Hae will prepare a new scheme in order to speed up her marriage to Bok Gwi Joo,” said the drama’s production team. “Bok Gwi Joo, who has started to keep an eye on Do Da Hae, will also notice that Do Da Hae is suspicious. Please look forward to the precarious changes in Bok Gwi Joo and Do Da Hae.”

To find out what Do Da Hae has planned, catch the next episode of “The Atypical Family” on May 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST!

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