CelebrityAccess Mourns The Passing Of Longtime Colleague Frank Pestello SuperNayr

LONGMONT, CO (CelebrityAccess) – Frank “Frankie” Pestello passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, March 28, in Longmont, Colorado. His loss is completely unexpected, leaving his friends, family and work colleagues profoundly saddened. He was 57.

Frank was born on October 23, 1966, to Nancy and Gary Pestello in Dallas, Texas. He attended St. Cloud Technical High School and graduated in 1985. He then studied Music and Video Business at the Art Institute of Dallas, graduating in 1990. However, anyone who knew Frank knew his true passion was making friends everywhere he went and, of course, music.

Frank Pestello Photo College (Courtesy: Frank’s Official Facebook)

Frank was in the sales department of CelebrityAccess for two decades, the owner/creator of (F’n) WikkedLidz, did consulting work for TT Entertainment and MYN Entertainment and began working at Vail Resorts, Inc. in 2019. He had stints as an artist manager and worked in pyrotechnics for numerous shows throughout his career. In addition, Frank volunteered every year for the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival.

Marc Gentilella, Chief Executive Officer (CelebrityAccess): “I have no words. I’ve known Frankie for over 20 years. He was a valuable member of our CelebrityAccess family for all of those years. Our whole staff is devastated. He was one of our early sales associates who joined when the company first got on its feet. He developed and fostered so many relationships within our industry. His loss is beyond comprehension. We wish his family and friends our sincerest condolences during this unfathomable time.”

Aimee Lee, Director of Operations (CelebrityAccess), said, “I will forever remember Frank by his phone greeting to me each time I dialed his number, ‘Hey Lady!’ I can’t believe it has been 20 years since we began working together on sales issues. Frank even painted a hat for my husband for one of his birthdays, which holds a place of pride in his hat collection. Frank’s humor and energy will be sorely missed. A bright flame was taken way too early. Rock on, Frank!”

Carmela Congdon, Sales Account Executive (CelebrityAccess), reflected on Frank’s death. “Frank worked for CelebrityAccess for almost 20 years. He started on April 20, 2004 – a date that is significant to me for two reasons. It is my mom’s birthday and is the recognized national holiday for the cannabis culture.

“Even though we worked in different offices, him in Colorado and me in Connecticut, I felt connected to him. He shared a birthday with my dad and one of my cousins – both of whom left this earthly plane much too early. So, each year, as I remembered their birthdays, I always reached out to Frank to wish him a happy day. This year, I will remember all three, and on 4/20, as I remember my mom, I’ll also remember Frank and one of his favorite pastimes. Frank’s spirit lives on, and we’ll be connected forever.”

Ian Courtney, Music Industry Writer and IT Management (CelebrityAccess): “Frank was one of the first full-time salespeople to join the CelebrityAccess team. I always appreciated his sense of humor and unique perspective. The first time I went to the Colorado office, it was Frank who took me under his wing and showed me what Boulder’s nightlife had to offer.”

Frank is remembered as a free spirit who took on many passions – music, rock and roll, snowboarding, skiing, and creating connections with everyone he encountered. Frank found comfort and a home within the Denver music scene and the numerous tributes to him on social media drive that fact home.

S. Hamilton (Facebook) – “People may not remember the things you said or did, but they will always remember the way you made them FEEL. This was Frank through and through! He made every band feel like they killed it! He made every club his home. He made women feel beautiful and made every friend his best friend. He truly lived his life with the encouragement and support of others. The music scene was his soul, he loved being there and made an impression and usually made a friend, everywhere he went. He was unapologetically himself and unforgettable by design. He loved to have a kickass time.”

One of Frank’s favorite haunts – Herman’s Hideaway, honored him with a Rock in Peace Celebration for F’ckn Frankie – held on March 30. The live music venue said this about one of their favorite patrons. “As a member of Herman’s family, we decided to hold a little celebration to properly remember the dude who touched so many lives in our community. No cover. Donations for Frankie and his family are accepted at the door.”

Laura Rode, Executive Director of Advertising and Business Development/Photojournalist (CelebrityAccess), summed it up best: “Frank was a dynamic team member, to say the least. He not only was an avid cheerleader of all things CelebrityAccess, but he also brought a lot of color, humor, and entertainment to our Zoom meetings.

“My funniest recollection is from one of our last Zoom calls. Frank, as Frank often did, grew impatient with the length of our team meetings. However, on this day, mid-meeting, he grabbed and sparked up his “bowl” mid-conversation – legal in CO – so he didn’t think twice. We all got quite a laugh at his definition of “comfortable.” I only wish I had that recorded – it was priceless and classic “F’n Frankie,” as he was fondly called. You will be missed, my brother. I know you are rocking with the legends now. RIP and much love.”

Frank was a beautiful human inside and out. His smile lit up a room and drew those around him in with positivity and light. He cared deeply for the people around him—new friends and old, his family, his work, and celebrating live music and the artists who made it. Rock in Peace, Frankie. You will be forever missed.

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