Celebrities Making Their Met Gala Debut – See Photos of More Than 60 Stars at Their First Met Gala SuperNayr

Being invited to your first Met Gala is a huge moment for a celebrity!

The annual event is the biggest night in fashion, and it’s an honor to ascend the iconic steps outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

On top of the privilege of being recognized with an invitation, the Met Gala is a fun opportunity to get dressed up in some of your most daring, boundary pushing looks. In fact, it’s encouraged to push your outfit as far as possible to match the yearly theme.

Over the years, stars like Zendaya, Rihanna, Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian have become staples on the red carpet at the event. They deliver some of the most-anticipated looks every year.

But like everyone else, they had to make their debut at some point. What did they wear? Who else was new on the red carpet with them each year?

We rounded up photos of more than 60 celebrities on the red carpet at their very first Met Gala. Take a trip down memory lane and see when all of these stars first stepped out.

Head inside to check out more than 60 stars photographed at their Met Gala debut…

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