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CBS announced its Fall TV series line-up this week and with it brought news about the end of several shows and the start of some new ones.

“Fire Country” gets a Morena Baccarin-led spin-off titled “Sherriff Country,” the “Young Sheldon” spin-off scored the title “George & Mandy’s First Marriage,” and the “NCIS” prequel “NCIS: Origins” is set for Mondays this Fall.

That prequel will effectively replace the recently axed “NCIS: Hawai’i” spin-off – one of several major series getting the chop alongside “So Help Me Todd” and “CSI: Vegas”.

More recently the longer-running “The Conners” is getting an abbreviated six-episode final season, whilst the even longer-running “Blue Bloods” will end this Fall.

Speaking at the network’s press conference, CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach confirmed there are no plans for a stay-of-execution with “Blue Bloods” which will officially come to an end in December with the second half of its fourteenth season:

“We love this cast, we love their passion for the show. All shows have to come to an end. It’s important to us to refresh the schedule. We are going to end the show come December.”

She adds that the network had some tough choices this year, but “everything came back very strong. There is a cohesive schedule, a flow.”

That includes new series such as the Kathy Bates-led “Matlock” reboot, and new shows like “Watson,” “Poppa’s House” and “The Summit”.

Source: TV Line

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