Catherine O'Hara Recalls Quitting 'Saturday Night Live' After 1 Week, Says it Was 'Not Cool' SuperNayr

Catherine O’Hara is dishing on quitting Saturday Night Live after just one week.

The 69-year-old actress opened up about the swift experience during a new interview with People.

She revealed why she left the beloved show and shared how she feels about it now.

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“There’s been BS stories about I was supposedly scared by somebody,” Catherine told the magazine.

She was cast on SNL on the sixth season in the early 1980s. But before joining, she was part of the Canadian comedy sketch show, SCTV.

“Our producer would get a deal with a network, and we’d have a show for a season or two, and then that deal would go away,” she explained about the Canadian series. “There’d be a break, then we’d do the show again.”

When she was on one break, she got asked to be on SNL. “And of course I said yes,” Catherine told People. “Who doesn’t want to do that?” However, SCTV picked back up again shortly after, and the actress said, “Oh, sorry, I gotta go be with my [comedy] family.’ ”

Ultimately, Robin Duke, Catherine‘s close friend from high school, was the one to replace her on SNL. The Schitt’s Creek actress noted, “It all worked out the way it was supposed to.”

Eugene Levy recently talked about the future of Schitt’s Creek and revealed if there are any reunion plans in the works.

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