Cara Delevingne Confirms Taylor Swift Attended 'Cabaret' Performance, Shares Backstage Photo SuperNayr

Taylor Swift was in attendance at one of Cara Delevingne‘s final performances in the musical Cabaret and now there’s a backstage photo of the longtime friends!

Cara played Sally Bowles in the West End production of Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club for the last three months and she wrapped up her run on June 1. Taylor was there the night before the final show.

If you were unaware, Taylor and Cara have been close for years. The model even featured in the superstar’s “Bad Blood” music video back in 2015, and she attended multiple Chiefs games last year.

Cara took to Instagram to reminisce about her run in the musical.

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“Oh Cabaret…. I will never be able to express how I truly feel. I wanted to give myself a few days to grasp the journey I have been through in the last couple of months, but my heart and brain are still buzzing,” Cara wrote.

She continued, “My world has been completely turned upside down by this experience. I am not sure where I begin and Sally Bowles ends and I am okay with that… 🫠 this show is unlike anything else and what makes it so special is all the people involved. Thank you for all the support, laughs, tears and memories that I will never forget. I love you ❤️ I can definitely say I have been infected with the bug… mothertucker I’m ILL! I need to get back on a stage STAT ❤️ Also can someone please tell me if the songs will ever stop playing in a loop in a head?”

FYI: Taylor is wearing a $1,690 sweater from Stella McCartney as a mini-dress.

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