BTS Unveils 2024 Festa Timeline For Their 11th Anniversary Celebrations SuperNayr

BTS fans, mark your calendars! The group has just dropped the schedule for this year’s annual festivities, reminding fans to gear up for their 11th anniversary celebrations.

“Festa” is a yearly event that brings together BTS and their fans, ARMY, to celebrate their debut anniversary on June 13. This two-week event promises numerous fresh content and surprises for their fans.

Although all BTS members are currently serving their military duties, this year is no exception when it comes to celebrating their debut anniversary.

The 2024 Festa will kick off with the official poster release on June 2, followed by the “BANG BANG CON” ticket sales on June 3. The concert itself will take place online and be streamed on June 8. For the much-anticipated date on June 13, cryptic messages with the words “ARMY” and “SEE YOU” have been teased, raising anticipation for what kind of events will be prepared this year.

Check out the full timeline below!

Are you excited for this year’s BTS Festa? Stay tuned for more updates!

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