Brittany Cartwright Goes OFF After Reading Comments About Her & Jax Taylor’s 3-Year-Old Son Cruz’s ‘Well-Being’! SuperNayr

Brittany Cartwright has had “enough” of everyone criticizing her 3-year-old son Cruz!

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old reality star took to Instagram Stories to defend her little guy after seeing a bunch of comments about his well-being amid her separation from Jax Taylor. And she went into full-on mama bear mode with this post! Brittany wrote:

“You guys can reel in the drama of my life I don’t care but leave my innocents [sic] sons name out of it!!! Dont act like you know anything about him watching 30 mins of a show recorded last summer. I do everything I possibly can for him so how dare some of you!? ENOUGH he is a perfect and innocent child and I will not have strangers acting like they know what’s going on in his life. Talk about me talk about his father I don’t care but enough is enough!!!!!!”

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Go off, Britt! See the post (below):

Brittany Cartwright Goes OFF After Reading Comments About Her & Jax Taylor’s 3-Year-Old Son Cruz’s ‘Well-Being’
(c) Brittany Cartwright/Instagram

As you know, Brittany ended things with Jax in February after experiencing problems in their marriage, like constant fighting! The pair are no longer living together. They have taken no steps in trying to repair their relationship so far. And Jax seemingly moved on from Brittany, as he was seen with model Paige Woolen and another mystery woman. Ugh. So much for trying to win her back! That plan has gone out the window, apparently!

No matter what is going on between her and Jax amid their messy breakup, the former couple insisted their main priority is Cruz — always. They’ve made sure to co-parent amicably during this time. Which is why she was very hurt after reading what people said about Cruz on the internet! A source told People:

“It hurts Brittany to read comments about her son’s well-being. She is highly protective over her son as any caring mother would be. Despite what she is going through personally in her marriage, her and Jax have always and continue to put their son first.”

At the end of the day, the insider said, Cruz is “a happy child,” all thanks to both Jax and Brittany:

“He remains their number one priority and they have done a great job co-parenting during this rather turbulent time. They are both incredibly attentive and loving parents and give Cruz absolutely everything he needs. He is a happy child and that’s all that really matters.”

Basically, Brittany wants everyone to keep her son’s name out of their mouths! Unless you want her to unleash her wrath again! Reactions to her message, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube, Brittany Cartwright/Instagram]

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