‘Bridgerton’ Fans Are Hot And Bothered By This Season’s *Other* Couple, Their ‘Scratch Marks,’ And Perhaps The Show’s Most Scorching Scene Yet SuperNayr

(Obviously, NSFW content will be found below. C’mon, it’s Bridgerton.)

As Bridgerton already proved with Netflix show’s second season, the show can still get it despite the odds (being Duke-less, that is). And much like when the streaming service knew what they were doing with a certain photo of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, they are at it again on this third-season release day: “Good morning, Bridgertons.”

Yes, the story’s main focus this season is upon Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton and their sex scenes, but the series made sure to bring us up to speed with how the last central courtship is working out, and let’s just say that Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma are still in their honeymoon phase, six months later. They are also rivaling that “moaning” display from a recent The Walking Dead season.

For starters, there are obvious “scratch marks” on display.

Then there’s the moment that might even be able to make Julia Fox reconsider her celibacy stance (only kidding, Julia — please keep doing you):

For sure, Bridgerton is still refusing to shy away from female pleasure, and my goodness, these two actors (Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey) have absurd chemistry. Perhaps even too much.

Bridgerton‘s fourth season (the first half of it, anyway) can currently be streamed on Netflix.

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