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Branding in Seongsu aired episode 2 on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 12 a.m. KST on U+Mobile TV. The episode was later available to stream on Viki. The series follows the story of a prickly team leader, Kang Na-On (Kim Ji-Eun), and intern So Eun-Ho (Lomon). The duo work in the same agency and have completely different ideals. Their lives completely change when their souls get trapped after an unintentional kiss.

Episode 2 of Branding in Seongsun showcased significant tension as So Eun-Ho discovered a dark secret about a company. Seongsu Agency and team leader Kang Na-On signed with a renowned beauty brand. However, intern So Eun-Ho, who previously had suspicions about the brand’s real motive, discovered them to be true. He found out that the company had been carrying out experiments on animals for their products.

Branding in Seongsu episode 2: Lomon finds out about a company’s unethical experiment

The latest Branding in Seongsu episode began with intern So Eun-Ho standing outside Onrad Hotel and worrying about what to come next. By the end of the previous episode, his team leader, Kang Na-On, had asked him to arrive at the hotel. While he thought she wanted an affair, it turned out that she’d called him to meet the XU Cosmetics founder.

Previously, Eun-Ho raised doubts about the company’s ethics. He and the others were suspicious that the XU Cosmetics experimented on animals and had non-vegan animal-based products. He eventually raised the concern with the founder, who assured him that they were just rumors. Moreover, the founder showed him safety verification data to prove that they never use animal-based products.

The founder, who was holding a rabbit in his arms, assured Eun-Ho that the company loves animals. Charmed by the founder, Eun-Ho became a fan and laid his suspicions to rest for that moment. While returning home, Eun-Ho expressed that he felt that his work should have a sense of duty towards all living beings. Meanwhile, Na-On had completely different ideals. Eventually, annoyed with the intern, she let him out of her car in the middle of a bridge.

When Na-On reached home, she saw the lights switched off in her house. Annoyed, she went to switch them on when she felt two hands choking her. It looked like Na-On struggled with a mental health issue, after which she took her medications. She eventually fired her housekeeper. The following day, she met Eun-Ho ahead of a board meeting.

Na-On had previously asked him to visit XU Cosmetics’ factory for a check. Ahead of his visit to the factory, Eun-Ho met her at the board meeting venue to confirm if she believed nothing was wrong with the company. She asked him to find it out for himself while at the factory, which was far from the city. While the intern left for the factory, Na-On appeared in the board meeting with her CEO. She also got into an argument with fellow team leader Mr. Nam and his immediate superior.

Meanwhile, Eun-Ho met with the employees at the factory. Confused upon seeing dry hay being transported, he asked one of the workers if they used that while making cosmetics. The worker managed to cover the situation by treating Eun-Ho to a delicious lunch. The intern also sent photos of his lunch to Na-On, who immediately deleted the message.

After returning to the agency, Na-On called the XU Cosmetics founder to enquire one last time if there was an issue with his company. However, the founder mentioned that he would talk her up to the vice chairman of Segye Group, manipulating her successfully. She met with the art head, Cha Jeong-Woo, to finalize promotion materials. Although he flirted with her, she was only focused on work. When social media head Do Yu-Mi tried to ask him out, he rejected her, stating that they shouldn’t cross the line as friends.

At night, Eun-Ho walked to the station holding samples for the pop-up store. He heard two school students talking about consuming XU Cosmetics products that will make them lose 3 kgs in a week. Eun-Ho realized that he had forgotten his mobile phone at the factory. When he went back to find it, the factory was dark, and there was no one.

Although Eun-Ho retrieved his phone, he saw an enclosed room and found a rabbit outside. This rabbit was similar to the one that the founder held back when Eun-Ho visited him. He pressed the button that opened the door to the company’s darkest secrets. Eun-Ho found animals locked up in cages and testing materials and documents. This confirmed his suspicions about the company experimenting on animals.

To watch what happens next, tune in to Branding in Seongsu episode 3 on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 12 a.m. KST on U+Mobile TV and Viki.

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