Bill Gates is releasing a memoir next year SuperNayr

Bill Gates has written a memoir, covering the days of his childhood all the way until he formed Microsoft in 1975. The book, called Source Code: My Beginnings, doesn’t go on sale until February 4th, 2025, but it’s available for preorder now.

In a post on his blog, Gates says the book goes over “the tougher parts of my early life, including feeling like a misfit as a kid, butting heads with my parents as a rebellious teen, grappling with the sudden loss of someone close to me, and nearly getting kicked out of college.” It also covers Gates’ decision to co-found Microsoft with the late Paul Allen.

What it doesn’t seem like it will include, though, is the inner workings of Microsoft and Gates’ other business endeavors. The book’s description says Source Code is “not about Microsoft or the Gates Foundation or the future of technology.” Instead, it’s “the human, personal story of how Bill Gates became who he is today: his childhood, his early passions and pursuits.”

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