Best Original Score Nominees at Next Year’s Oscars Could Include Thomas Newman for His Work on ELEMENTAL SuperNayr

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Thomas Newman Could Take Home the Gold for Elemental Score

There are many front runners for Best Original Score at next year’s Oscars ceremony but many are anticipating Thomas Newman could be a surprise nominee for his work on Elemental.

When you think great scores of 2023, you think of the epic Oppenheimer, you think of the moving Killers of the Flower Moon, you may even think of the intense The Killer but you also probably can’t help but remember how genuinely touching the score for Disney/Pixar’s Elemental actually was. That fact positions Thomas Newman’s Elemental score as a potential candidate to be nominated alongside the other high-profile Best Original Score nominees come next year.

This would be Thomas Newman’s 16th nomination if it were to happen. Newman has a history of compelling scores for some of the best motion pictures ever made. Robbie Robertson’s moving music in Killers of the Flower Moon helped make for some of the most dramatic tension at the movies this past year. Ditto Ludwig Göransson’s score for Oppenheimer and Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross’s haunting score for The Killer, but Elemental moved fans of the animated picture to tears thanks to Newman’s score and certainly deserves some love from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Two more high-profile picture scores are high up in the running in this category as well: Poor Things and Society of the Snow composers, Jerskin Fendrix and Michael Giacchino, are also looking like potential wild card nominees to compete for the five Best Original Score nominees for next year.

Thomas Newman is the man behind scores from great movies like The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty and Finding Nemo. When his fans found out Newman was doing the score for another Disney/Pixar movie, Elemental, they most likely were intrigued but nobody expected a score as great as the one we got for the very moving recent animated picture.

Killers of the Flower Moon and Oppenheimer look to be the two most honored epic movies at next year’s Oscars and, while both are fine films, Elemental was a picture with a huge heart that could be taken for granted by some people. For one, it’s not a film of epic length like the two aforementioned movies but Newman’s score stood out significantly in a year where we needed a bit more heart in our movies. In Elemental, mainly thanks to Newman’s score, there were plenty of heartfelt emotions showcased in the endearing film.

Of course, Elemental is one of the very best films of the year which makes us hopeful that it earns Newman the well-deserved Oscar nod. It is, however, a year for terrific scores so it may be an uphill battle for Newman to actually take home the gold. The big question mark hanging over Thomas Newman right now is: Will he get nominated for his score for Elemental? We shall see soon enough.

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