Before BIA Dropped Her Diss Aimed At Cardi B And The Rapper Hinted At Taking Legal Action SuperNayr

There’s a whole lotta drama online between Cardi B and BIA. For well over a year, the pair has exchanged subtle jabs online. On May 31, their tension was officially transferred to wax.

Cardi B fired off at BIA in her guest verse on GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Wanna Be” remix. Today (June 2), BIA responded with a track of her own, “Sue Meee.” The night before its release, BIA teased a shady unreleased song on Instagram Live.

Shortly after gaining wind of BIA’s lines, Cardi B took to her page to clap back and even threatened to take legal action over BIA’s accusations of adultery and supposedly spreading a fake sex tape.

“I’m a sue you and you got to come with receipts,” Cardi said. “And not social media receipts, court receipts. I will get every little f*cking red penny that you ever f*cking make b*tch. Every money that you make off your publishing. So find something safe to do.”

BIA laughed off Cardi’s legal plan in the caption of her upload. “Sue me,” she wrote. “That’s not hip hop 😂.”

Cardi B claimed that BIA took to her private Instagram page to post a story, saying she isn’t afraid to face litigation: “Good luck you think I’m Tasha K.”

“Girl. Ask Tasha K. She couldn’t even lie on my p*ssy,” replied Cardi.

Listen to BIA’s full diss aimed at Cardi B, “Sue Meee” below.

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