Basketball Fans Related To Kevin Durant Working On His Jumper In The Club SuperNayr

There are few people on Earth that love basketball more than Kevin Durant. The former MVP, NBA champion, and Finals MVP really loves to hoop, and he is ready to get that work in anywhere, anytime.

That includes the club, where a video posted to TikTok went viral after getting put up on Twitter, as basketball fans related to the future Hall of Famer as someone captured him working on his triple threat moves in his section.

Just about every quote tweet and reply to the post is some form of “a relatable king” or “he swears he’s me,” as every hooper at every level has found themselves out in public working on their game in some form. Sometimes you just gotta hit someone with a Eurostep on the sidewalk, or in KD’s case, get some triple threat size-up work done in the club. There’s never a bad place to hone your craft, and KD is always ready to ball — I would bet he used to wear gym shorts under his jeans, just in case a pickup game broke out when he was a kid (to be clear: I was also that kid).

Now, if only they’d throw the History Channel up on one of the TVs for my guy, KD, he’d really be living his best life in that club.

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