BARBARELLA: Sydney Sweeney set to star in Remake with Edgar Wright Possibly Directing SuperNayr

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Sydney Sweeney to star in Barbarella Remake

Sydney Sweeney will play the famous role of Barbarella in a new movie by Sony Pictures. Writers Jane Goldman and Honey Ross may write the script for the scifi adventure film set in the 41st century. Goldman helped to write X-Men films (X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: First Class).

Director Edgar Wright might lead this new Barbarella adventure (talks are underway) as its director. Wright is known for his unique style seen in movies like “Baby Driver.”

Sweeney’s desire to play Barbarella was first expressed on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast. This new take hopes to win over those who loved the original and those new to science fiction tale.

Sydney Sweeney is celebrated for her work in shows like “Euphoria” and movies like “Immaculate.” She gained praise for her work in “Anyone But You,” earning over $220 million worldwide. This came against a $25 million budget.

Barbarella first appeared in “V Magazine” in 1962’s serialized comic strip by Jean-Claude Forest. Then, a book in 1964 made the character even more popular. The first film adaptation was released 1968.

The original Barbarella movie has a run time of 98 minutes and starred Jane Fonda. In the film, Barbarella is daring adventurer used her smarts and charm to tackle out-of-this-world issues. The film took audiences to dazzling places. It left a strong mark with its unique world, unforgettable cast, and fitting soundtrack.

Though a bold film, exploring sexuality and empowerment within space adventure, the film was a commercial disappointment, making only $5.5 million in North American when it hit theaters.

Due to Sweeney, Wright, and everyone else’s busy schedules, the Barbarella remake film might not hit screens until 2027 or later.

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