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Since its debut on Netflix on April 11, 2024, the British series Black Reindeer has become a global hit, with legendary author Stephen King counting himself among its fans. As the success of a show generally leads to more seasons, fans are wondering whether there will be a Baby Reindeer Season 2. Here’s everything you need to know about a potential Season 2.

Will there be a Baby Reindeer Season 2?

It is currently unlikely that Baby Reindeer will ever receive a second season. According to a report published by Deadline in April, Baby Reindeer is up for consideration in the Limited Series categories in the upcoming 76th Primetime Emmy Awards. Series creator and star Richard Gadd could take home Outstanding Writing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. This effectively cements the show’s status as a limited series.

“The success of Baby Reindeer is still quite hard to fathom having been out now for a little over a week,” Gadd said in a statement. “Who knew this weird story about a self-sabotaging comedian getting stalked and living in the aftermath of abuse would go on to touch so many people’s lives? Inspiration, hopefully, for those in a similar quagmire to keep going.”

Gadd drew from his real-life experiences to develop Baby Reindeer. The protagonist, Donny Dunn, is a fictional version of the writer-actor-comedian. Donny finds himself in the crosshairs of a stalker as he struggles with his past. By the end of Episode 7, Baby Reindeer concludes the story it sets to tell, leaving hardly any narrative possibilities for future exploration.

Why there won’t be more seasons of Baby Reindeer

Netflix officially designates Baby Reindeer as a limited series, so the chances for a Season 2 were always low. Recent updates only confirm what some fans have suspected for a while.

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