Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” Hopes Are Over SuperNayr

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For years, “End of Watch” and “Street Kings” filmmaker David Ayer has been quite candid about his frustrations over the handling of his 2016 DC Comics adaptation “Suicide Squad”.

Ayer’s original version of the film was tonally a very different movie to what we got. His had no radio music drops along with traditional character arcs and a quite different third act, leading to ‘Release the Ayer Cut’ talk over the years.

Early last year he seemed upbeat that something would happen with it, before last month telling a British publication he was “going to be hopeful” but admitting there is an “immense political headwind against it”.

Something now seems to have changed. In a series of posts on X, Ayer says frankly: “I’m done with DC”. He was then asked if he was still going to push for an ‘Ayer Cut’ release of “Suicide Squad” he said:

“Nope. Done and done. Very sad. You’ll be fine after a good cry. I feel healthier. It’s a wound that needs to heal. Nothing about the situation feels good. Studio has no interest in releasing it. It’s time to run and not look back.”

When another poster accused Ayer of ‘flip-flopping’ over pushing for the cut over the years, he responded:

“Naw I’m good. Don’t need to be walking around with a begging bowl. Gonna protect my heart more moving forward.”

Ann Sarnoff, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group chairwoman, indicated two years ago the studio had no intention of developing Ayer’s cut of the film.

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