Are Justin & Hailey Bieber Just Getting Started Having Babies?! Fresh Deets! SuperNayr

Ooh, we love these new deets!

Hailey and Justin Bieber surprised the world by announcing their pregnancy on Thursday, and instantly fans had so many questions! At least a couple of those have now been answered, thanks to an insider!

The source gave some fresh insight on Friday, including answering the most important question — is Hailey keeping healthy? The insider had all good news on that front, spilling:

“It has gone as great as one would hope. She is looking forward to that to continue.”

Phew! A lot of fans who’ve been keeping up with the Biebers for the past few months started to wonder if Stephen Baldwin‘s infamous call on the public to pray for Justin and Hailey wasn’t about their marriage… but about the baby. And if he was asking folks to pray for the parents-to-be early on in the pregnancy, did that mean there was something to worry about? Were there complications? Thankfully this source says no!

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Next question — boy or girl? Obvi Justin and Hailey haven’t revealed the sex of their baby, but considering they took six months to tell us they were even preggers we kind of assumed they were just keeping it private. After all, you can easily find that out around the halfway point — 18-21 weeks. Plus, we heard they had a name picked out and everything, which led us to believe they knew.

But this source says they don’t know yet! But they do have their fingers crossed…

“They are hoping for a girl but will be equally happy with a boy.”

Wait, if they’ll be equally happy then they aren’t hoping at all, are they? Politician-ass answer. LOLz! But there’s a good reason it’s not a huge deal to them. The source says they’re planning on keeping going!

“This is not going to be their last kid.”

Ooh! Makes sense! They always talk about wanted a family, they have so much time and money, it makes sense to have another right away. Why wouldn’t they plan to give Baby Bieber a sibling!

We’re glad everything is going well. The couple haven’t always had the easiest time, and it’s nice to hear they’re healthy and happy and feeling so positive about the future. What do YOU think of these latest deets, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

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