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Fans want to know if Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Benny Blanco are getting married. Gomez confirmed their relationship in December 2023 via Instagram. Now around six months later, rumors of them possibly getting married have been circulating, sparking curiosity among fans who want to know more about them.

So are Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez tying the knot? Has either of them popped the question to the other? Here is everything you need to know.

Is Benny Blanco planning to marry Selena Gomez?

Benny Blanco recently expressed his aspirations toward a future with Selena Gomez, hinting at the possibility of marriage and starting a family with her.

On The Howard Stern Show, when asked if he had space for kids in his life, Benny Blanco replied by mentioning his desire to become a father and called it his “next goal on the box.” Further, when Howard Stern questioned Blanco on whether he wanted to have children with Selena Gomez, he said, “It’s always a topic of conversation to me every day.” (via Page Six)

Hearing Blanco talk about Gomez, the host went on to say that he is predicting marriage for the two of them, to which, Blanco said, “You and me both.”

Earlier this month, a source told US Weekly that both of them have “found the person they’ll be with forever” in each other. Additionally, the two artists have discussed marriage and children, and are “on the same page,” the report added.

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco seem to be very happy and content with each other. On March 8, Gomez uploaded a birthday post on Instagram for Blanco. In the post, she expressed being enamored by his “emotional endurance and positive disposition” among other things.

Check out the Insta post below:

Whether Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Benny Blanco ultimately get married remains to be seen. However, it would not be surprising if their marriage plans do come to fruition soon.

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