Anees Bazmee Stays Neutral In Anil And Boney Kapoor’s Dispute Over No Entry 2, Says ‘Yeh Dono Aapas Me Nipat Lenge’ SuperNayr

As we all know, the ongoing feud between Boney Kapoor and his brother Anil Kapoor has been making headlines recently. Anil Kapoor, who starred in the hit comedy No Entry alongside Salman Khan and Fardeen Khan, will not be part of the franchise’s sequel. In a recent interview, director Anees Bazmee, who has worked extensively with both brothers, acknowledged Anil’s displeasure at not being included in the sequel.

Anees Bazmee Says Anil Kapoor Did A Great Job In No Entry

“I have worked a lot with Anil ji. Anil ji was very much involved in No Entry not just as an actor. He would always ask, ‘Kya karna hai?’”

Bazmee recalled. He described No Entry as very much “Anil’s film,” explaining that it was natural for Anil to be upset about not being cast in the sequel. “He did a great job and people loved his character, so naturally he will feel, ‘Main kyun nahin hoon is film ke andar,’” said Bazmee.

No Entry 2 Director Doesn’t Want To Interfere In Anil Kapoor & Boney’s Dispute

Despite understanding the situation, Bazmee has chosen to remain neutral and not interfere in the brothers’ dispute. “As far as I know, the two brothers have immense love for each other. Inke beech ki jo narazgi hai woh kuch dino ki ho sakti hai. Mujhe lagta hai yeh dono aapas mein nipat lenge aur aapas mein baat cheet kar lenge, mujhe in dono se baat karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai. Inko kisi aur ki zaroorat nahin hai,” he expressed.

Boney Kapoor, in an earlier interview with Zoom Entertainment, shared his perspective. “Before I could tell my brother Anil about the No Entry sequel and the cast involved, he got angry as the news was already leaked. It was unfortunate that it was leaked. I know he wanted to be a part of the No Entry sequel, but there was no space. I wanted to explain why I did what I did,” he said.

Bazmee Justifies Casting Arjun Kapoor In No Entry 2

There has been speculation about Arjun Kapoor’s casting in No Entry 2, with some suggesting it was because he is Boney’s son. Bazmee defended this choice, stating that Arjun, whom he directed in Mubarakan, was ideal for the role.

“Arjun was not cast because he was the producer’s son,” Bazmee said. “I worked with him in Mubarakan and he did a good job. He is a good actor who can perform, but unfortunately, the film didn’t work. When I worked with Fardeen Khan in No Entry, people questioned my decision. When people asked me, ‘Main Fardeen ke saath kyun kaam kar raha hoon,’ I answered, ‘Why not?’ So, if people ask me why Arjun, my answer would be why not Arjun? He has acted well in a couple of other films, too. He perfectly fits into the character, and I am sure people will love his work. I said the same thing about Fardeen.”

On Reports Of Film Being Stalled

Bazmee also addressed rumours about the film being stalled. “We are making No Entry 2 and Boney sahab told me that there is some trouble, and we need to make a fresh film. And I feel Anil Kapoor getting angry is justified because he was the main hero of No Entry (2005). He put in a lot of hard work in that film, not only as an actor, but he walked shoulder to shoulder while making the film. But when we talk about him being angry for not being cast in the film… Anil ji and Boney ji are brothers and I have seen their love. So, him being upset will be for how long is a different matter. But they aren’t fighting over it. They can’t fight. He has the right to be upset if you consider someone as yours and if you think they have done something wrong, you have the right to be upset. I respect Anil ji and Boney ji equally,” Bazmee shared in a conversation with Siddharth Kannan.

When asked if Anil Kapoor had called him to express his disappointment about not being cast in No Entry 2, Bazmee replied, “No, Anil ji is doing such fabulous work today, he is doing so many films, even after all these years there are so many out there who want to work with him. So, for him, doing one film or not doing it is not a big deal. Yes, there can be emotional reasons because Boney ji is his brother, and he is very attached to No Entry. I can only think of these two reasons, otherwise he doesn’t have a lack of work.”

No Entry 2, directed by Anees Bazmee and produced by Boney Kapoor, features Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Diljit Dosanjh in lead roles.

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