‘An idiot in search of a village’: Eric Trump is proud people are laughing at Donald Trump as Captain Capslock hits full panic mode SuperNayr

There is a reason we don’t see Eric Trump publicly supporting Daddy Dearest a lot like his older brother. Because when he does, he ends up uttering things like Donald Trump built the skyline of America, or oh, the latest one, admitting on TV that people are laughing at his father.

Let me walk you through the fiasco that is nowhere near reaching a conclusion seeing that Trump and team have less than 24 hours to furnish a $464 million bond in the civil fraud case. In fact, that’s what has Eric being even more scatter-brained than usual as he appeared on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and as the offspring of the petulant toddler who is running for 2024’s presidential election, he boasted to host Maria Bartiromo that “No one’s ever seen a bond this big.”

“Every single person when I came to them saying, ‘Can I get a half billion dollar bond?’ Maria, they were laughing. They were laughing.”

Okay, let’s break it down, Junior, shall we? We know your attempt was to convey that people are laughing with Trump at the large bond amount he has been slapped with, but the way you phrased it, it sounds more like your daddy is getting laughed at for daring to hope that insurance companies would be foolish enough to finance a fraudster like him.

But Eric is his father’s son, through and through, and thus decided to double down on the narrative on X (formerly Twitter), hoping that people would be rushing to agree with him.

Though he is clearly unable to see what he did there, those having a blast on Twitter at his and Trump Sr.’s expense are ready to spark the needed awareness in the younger (and based on evidence, dumber) Trump.

Yes, as usual, Eric has merged his old and fresh delusions in honor of his father. But look at the silver lining – at least no one is crying this time or giving him hugs in response to Trump Sr.’s plight.

Talking about the older member of the Trump saga…

Call it fake bravado or Eric’s inability to comprehend how iconically messy things are about to become for his father and himself, at least Trump doesn’t appear to be sharing his son’s sentiment as currently, the first indicted former president of the U.S. is having a major meltdown on Truth Social.

Donald Trump Truth Social rant on $464 bond
Screengrab via truth Social/@realDonaldTrump

Kind of playing it fast and loose with the phrase “absolutely nothing wrong” there, Trump, aren’t we?

Anyway, he has made it clear that it’s not like he doesn’t have the money to back the bond, so either he was lying or we might see another bond mysteriously appear out of thin air tomorrow or it really is time for the “firesale” that has rendered Marjorie Taylor Greene sleepless.

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