Amanda Bynes Opens Up About Gaining Weight Due to Depression SuperNayr

Amanda Bynes is opening up about her mental health.

On Thursday (March 28), the 37-year-old She’s The Man actress took to her Instagram Story to admit that her depression has resulted in her putting on some weight.

“I’ve gained over 20lbs in the past few months from being depressed,” Amanda wrote. “I’m doing a lot better now and have learned to do opposite action when I don’t feel like working out or eating clean.”

Keep reading to find out more…Now that she’s mentally feeling better, Amanda revealed her new target weight.

“I weigh 162lbs right now, and want to get back to 110lbs,” Amanda added.

Following the release of the bombshell new Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV docu-series, sources revealed why Amanda didn’t participate.

One of Amanda‘s former co-stars also recently revealed the last time they spoke to her.

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