‘All that forehead and not a single good thought’: Typical toxic man gets a master class in how to respect women SuperNayr

TikTok constantly is giving us reasons to lose faith in humanity with the idiots we get to witness daily on the app. But thanks to the beautiful stitch feature, we also get to see those idiots taken down and have a small piece of our faith in the world restored.

User @thatdudemoses is the latest example of restoring our faith, as he stitches a misogynistic jerk’s video to take him down with song and dance. The user in question, who shall not be named, decided to use his voice to complain about “victim blaming,” claiming that it’s okay for people to shame sexual assault victims for what they were wearing at the time of the crime. Of course, this Andrew Tate wannabe phrases it by saying “You think women should dress more modestly in order to not attract predatory attention from horny men? You’re a victim blamer.”

This is where our hero of the day, Moses, comes in. Stitching the video described above, Moses puts his dancing shoes on with a beautiful song telling our walking red flag of a man to “shut the f*** up b*tch.” Defending SA victims, Moses adds on-screen text to explain the flaws in our idiot of the day’s argument, explaining how clothing very rarely is a factor in SA cases, as “the common denominator is the man with criminal intent.”

He then dives further into the “victim blaming” discussion, explaining how this creates an environment where victims feel threatened and discouraged from reporting SA incidents. This ends up helping create an environment where SA is prevalent. Moses goes one step further, pointing out that if he feels women should “walk around in suits of armor,” there clearing is a bigger issue at hand that won’t be solved by that. He ends the video with a nice middle finger to the camera, directed at the toxic fool before.

The comments on Moses’ video were first relieved to know it was a stitch on their FYP, and not the original video. But they were proud to see someone standing up against the original opinion regarding victim blaming, especially another man. One commentor thanked Moses saying “I can’t believe he was putting ‘victim blaming’ in air quotes.” Other commentors shared their own SA stories, and how it was absolutely not the clothing that led to the incident. “As a child, I was wearing character PJs,” left one commentor.

Many were also quick to comment Moses and his fancy footwork, which made the video that much more entertaining for them. “Had to watch this twice. Once for the call-out and once for the flawless footwork,” one commentor shared. Another said “I was confused why this was on my FYP…. then the dancing started.” We hope Moses and his twinkle toes keep bringing good energy onto our FYP throughout 2024 and beyond.

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