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Ali Krieger will never forget the day she found out her estranged wife, Ashlyn Harris, was divorcing her.

The news of their breakup rocked the soccer world last year. But what made the split even more shocking? Weeks later, a report dropped that the 38-year-old athlete moved on with Sophia Bush, who had unexpectedly filed for divorce from her husband of one year, Grant Hughes, around that time! The timing of the relationship and the two divorces raised plenty of eyebrows. While sources claimed there was “no salacious story” behind the new romance between Ashlyn and Sophia, Ali strongly suggested otherwise when she dropped these nine words on Instagram:

“Preparing for playoffs while in my Beyoncé lemonade era.”

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Lemonade — the album in which the singer wrote about her husband JAY-Z cheating on her! So Ali appeared to call out Ashlyn for cheating on her, possibly with Sophia! Afterward, sources claimed the 39-year-old found evidence of the cheating. However, Ashlyn later vehemently denied the infidelity rumors. Hmm. Now we’re finally hearing from Ali about her messy breakup, and the details are brutal, Perezcious readers!

In an interview published with SELF on Wednesday, the National Women’s Soccer League champion recalled the day she found out Ashlyn filed for divorce. It turns out the former soccer player didn’t have the guts to tell her about it first! Ali claimed she only learned that her nearly four-year marriage was coming to an end while she was out on the field training last year! She said:

“My entire team came over for a dance party the night the news broke. And I will never forget that moment. I found out at training. I was on the field. And I came off the field, in the locker room, and I was obviously devastated.”

Ashlyn couldn’t even have the decency to give her a heads-up? Jeez. Ali understandably canceled a post-practice press conference and fitting for her upcoming retirement game that was scheduled for later that day. She then went straight home to process the painful moment. However, she wasn’t left alone that day! Her teammates came by her house to offer their support and cheer her up as best as they could. Ali remembered:

“Then my teammates just started walking through the door. All of them. At different times. Until 2 in the morning, we were there, just hanging out, dancing, putting music on YouTube. We were sitting in the playroom, in my kitchen; we were dancing and hanging out, and they were all bringing wine and flowers, and just…themselves. They didn’t even think twice. They didn’t have to ask; they just showed up. They just kept coming in – from right after training, after their meetings, through 2 a.m. My kids were there, we all were there. And that’s something that I will never forget, and they will never understand how grateful and how… I’m so appreciative.”

Her friends continued to show up for her in the months following the divorce news — something she is forever thankful for. Specifically, her brother Kyle and best friend Liz Mumley have been her biggest supporters throughout this difficult time. Ali shared that her pal even immediately traveled to New York from Virginia Beach to stay with her for more than a week. She then proceeded to check on Ali “every day” as she processed the divorce. Ali expressed:

“Through these past five months, my friends have shown up in ways that I will cherish and remember forever. They are my true people. It’s been so rewarding to see that, because you don’t know how much of an impact you have, even on your personal friends, and when they show up for you, you’re just like, ‘Whoa — thank God.’”

There is no easy way to get over a divorce, but having teammates and friends by your side during that painful time must help! And it certainly did for Ali. While the defender said she “never thought” she would “be in this position,” she feels she is “in a healthy space” now. It’s all thanks to going to therapy and prioritizing her well-being that she’s even stronger than ever these days:

“I’m in this transitioning phase, so I’m unarmoring myself. I have been bare, basically, for the past five months. Walking through it — not around it, over it, under it — literally walking through, feeling all the things, and learning and gaining those tools to be the woman that I’ve always known was there.”

Despite working through her emotions regarding the split, Ali made it clear she is “not there yet” when it comes to moving on and starting a new relationship. Instead, she feels this year “continuing to put myself first, and work on myself so that I am a complete Ali — so that I don’t carry all of this past trauma into that next relationship.” What a healthy approach! Ali then noted she is “still processing everything in real time,” but she is ultimately ready for this next chapter in her life:

“Obviously, I met the most broken version of myself this year, but now — the strongest. I feel like I can get through anything, and I am so ready for this next phase. I feel like the universe has sent me a gift, and I’m ready to take it.”

Hell yes!

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