Alec Baldwin Manslaughter Prosecutors Want Judge To Force Rust Armorer To Testify In His Trial — Here's What That Would Mean! SuperNayr

Prosecutors are trying to force Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed to testify in Alec Baldwin‘s upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial.

On Monday, New Mexico prosecutors in Alex’s case filed a motion asking a court to force the movie’s armorer to testify — and whatever a judge decides could play a big part in the outcome of the case. So, here’s the deal. The 30 Rock star has already named Hannah on recent witness lists, which were submitted to court ahead of his trial that’s coming up in early July. The armorer was already found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and is currently serving an 18-month sentence for her involvement in killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza on the film set in 2021.

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On why Alec’s team would include her on the list, special prosecutors Kari T. Morrissey and Erlinda Johnson speculated in their motion:

“Presumably Defendant Baldwin named Ms. Gutierrez as a witness so his counsel can obtain potentially exculpatory information.”

The problem for prosecutors is that during a pre-trial interview on May 14, Hannah “asserted her Fifth Amendment privilege to all substantive questions.”

That’s why prosecutors want the court to grant “use immunity,” which is “a limited use of immunity,” according to legal expert Emily D. Baker, a former LA Deputy District Attorney not involved in the case who spoke with People. What this means is that, if granted, whatever Gutierrez-Reed says during the trial could not be used against her during her own appeal. Pretty big protection for her.

But why do the prosecutors want this? Well, Baker explained:

“If [Gutierrez-Reeed] is not granted use immunity the defendant will likely attempt to have her previous statements admitted…This requires the defendant to demonstrate that Ms. Gutierrez is unavailable due to the assertion of her Fifth Amendment privilege.”

So, basically, Alec’s team could show clips of Hannah’s previous police interviews instead of putting her on the stand. Baker explained:

“In her interviews, she’s very clear saying she should have checked [the gun] better. Those types of statements where she’s accepting responsibility [are helpful to Baldwin].”

Baker added:

“She would be able to plead the Fifth, is then unavailable and then he can use some of the clips.”

And without Hannah in the room, prosecutors would be unable to question her and get information that would be helpful to their case, they argued:

“Ms. Gutierrez would testify that Mr. Baldwin was inattentive during the firearms training session she conducted with him [and] would become upset and have emotional fits. […] The jury should hear all of the information Ms. Gutierrez has regarding Mr. Baldwin.”

So, you can see why this could be big for the case!

But Jason Bowles, an attorney for Gutierrez-Reed, told People he will oppose the motion. The special prosecutors are asking for a hearing where Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer would rule on the matter. It’ll be inneresting to see how this turns out!

Thoughts? Do you think Hannah should be forced to testify? Let us know (below)!

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