After tossing a bikini on her ‘bleach blonde bad built butch body,’ Marjorie Taylor Greene gets back on her BS bandwagon SuperNayr

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is officially 50, and working to twist the song of the Summer into her favor with a post celebrating her big day. Greene rang in 50 on May 27, and in a clear rebuttal to her new status as this generation’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, she clapped back with a skin-baring post to social media.

The post sports a strange dichotomy in its pairing of Greene’s now-infamous “bleach blonde bad built butch body” clad in nothing but a bikini alongside a heavily religious caption leaning into Greene’s status as a so-called “Christian.”

Greene’s decision to flash her bod for the haters is a clear clap-back to Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s (D-TX) iconic barb from a recent House Oversight and Accountability Committee meeting, but it didn’t land how she intended. Commenters were quick to note that the bikini shot conveniently followed Crockett’s historic line by less than a full two weeks, and shared harsh takeaways of their own.

Even her big day wasn’t enough to distract MTG for long, unfortunately, and she was back on her brainless bulls**t within a day of the bikini shot’s posting. Greene returned to X in the wake of her birthday to address the conclusion of Donald Trump’s criminal trial with a regurgitated sentiment so dried up it could be a cousin to her sun-baked skin.

Noting the official start of closing arguments in “the New York case against Pres Trump,” Greene expressed that “the only argument that needs to be made is that Democrats have weaponized justice systems and are abusing power in order to attempt steal the election again.”

We’ve heard this exact sentiment so many times at this point that Greene’s words have lost all meaning, but that won’t stop her from opening her mouth. Anything to catch the attention of the sleepy, diaper-wearing Don is worth Marj’s time, even if serving her own constituents isn’t.

Greene is a representative alright, she just doesn’t represent Georgia. Instead, she represents the very worst this country has to offer. She’s juvenile, selfish, and embarrassingly incompetent, and through it all she sees herself as the opposite. While she props herself up as one of America’s saviors, she slowly drives this nation deeper into the dirt with her lack of action, utter ineptitude, and willingness to abandon all morality in favor of further political power.

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