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Popular K-drama A Shop for Killers aired a brand new episode 6 on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 5 p.m. KT on Disney Plus. The series, starring Lee Dong-Wook and Kim Hye-Jun as leads, documents the thrilling journey of an uncle-niece pair. College student Jeong Ji-An learns of her uncle and guardian Jeong Jin-Man’s death. Soon, she is left in charge of her uncle’s mysterious shopping mall, which holds several secrets. After multiple threats to her life, Ji-An discovers Jin-Man’s true identity.

Episode 6 of A Shop for Killers documented Jeong Jin-Man and Bale’s (Jo Han-Sun) connection dating back to 14 years ago. The two were part of the same operation. While they were similar in their innate cold nature, they were opposites in the way they approached their missions. The episode documented an inner battle between Jin-Man and Bale. Jin-Man wasn’t supportive of Bale killing civilians, but the latter continued to do so. In the end, Jin-Man stabbed Bale and presumed he was dead, only for Bale to return later.

A Shop for Killers Episode 6: Lee Dong-Wook and Bale face off against each other

A Shop for Killers Episode 6 documented Jeong Jin-Man’s back story 14 years ago. Both Jin-Man and Bale worked as Babylon’s mercenaries. Even Seong-Jo, Pasin and the other cast members who previously appeared in the episode worked with them as colleagues. Although they were successful in their first operation and celebrated their victory, Bale was nowhere to be found. Both he and Seong-Jo’s team never returned to the camp.

Bale had wandered off inside, where he saw two civilians, a couple, asking him to save their son. However, instead of handing them over, he shot them. A fellow colleague, who went in search of Bale, witnessed him commit the crime. When Seong-Jo entered the room, Bale shot their colleague as well. Jin-Man found them and inquired about their dead colleague. However, when a kid appeared holding a gun, Bale shot and killed the kid, even before Jin-Man could guide them through it.

A case was filed and Bale was presented in court. However, both Seong-Jo and Jin-Man testified in favor of Bale. They confessed to not seeing Bale killing any civilians. Jin-Man had previously asked his chief, Lee Yong-Han, not to have Bale in any of his further operations. Yong-Han agreed, but the second operation repeated the same group of people. When Jin-Man asked the Chief to honor his condition, the latter expressed that a higher order wanted both Jin-Man and Bale to work together.

The second operation entailed the group bringing the largest drug supplier into China from Laos. Before the group initiated the operation, Jin-Man warned Bale to not repeat his behavior and hand over any unarmed civilians to the police. Although Bale agreed, he still proceeded to kill civilians, including bombing a woman in a room. Meanwhile, Jin-Man and Pasin completed the mission and looked for the rest of the group.

Jin-Man then discovered that Bale had killed more civilians. He ordered everyone to finish bombing the building and leave. Jin-Man promised to report Bale to the inspection team. While the others left, Jin-Man went back only to find Min-Hye. She thought he would kill her but instead, he proceeded to rescue her. As the bomb continued ticking, the two tried to escape. However, Bale arrived to find Jin-Man with yet another civilian.

Jin-Man took Min-Hye to safety before facing off against Bale. The latter expressed that he liked killing people for money and didn’t care whether they were allies or enemies. The two engaged in a brutal fight. Bale was injured and was almost about to kill Jin-Man when Min-Hye shot him in the eye. Bale threatened to kill Jin-Man’s family if he didn’t kill him. Jin-Man stabbed him and left with Min-Hye just in time for the bomb to go off.

Presuming Bale to be dead, Jin-Man made up a story of how Bale rescued him during the operations and sacrificed himself. The team mourned Bale’s death by burning his items. Jin-Man took a break from the operations and headed home. However, Lee Yong-Han asked men to tail Jin-Man. The latter spotted men at the bus stand and even asked an acquaintance to stay away from him. Ultimately, Jin-Man reached home and met his family, including his niece Ji-An.

At the end of the episode, Seong-Jo witnessed Bale’s return. To watch what happens next, don’t forget to watch A Shop for Killers Episodes 7 & 8 on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 5 p.m. KST on Disney Plus.

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