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Lindsay Lohan The Parent Trap

Parent Trap Sequel Gets Hopeful Update

Lisa Ann Walter has hinted that a potential sequel could be brewing to 1998’s Lindsay Lohan family hit, The Parent Trap.

Lisa Ann Walter has suggested that there is a possibility of a new sequel to The Parent Trap coming into fruition. Walter played the role of the housekeeper, Chessy, in the old 1998 movie which was, itself, a remake. Lindsay Lohan should have a part in it if it actually does happen. One of the old ’98 film’s stars, Natasha Richardson, is no longer around, however, which could prove to be problematic in terms of getting a screenplay that would fit the bill for a film that would be a direct sequel and most likely air on Disney Plus rather than be released theatrically.

Lohan played twin girls in the movie who were separated at birth and met up at a summer camp which led to them trying to get their parents back together romantically. Dennis Quaid played the dad in the 1998 remake and he could potentially appear in the sequel although it likely wouldn’t be a huge role for the veteran actor. Quaid thinks the project would not be as good as the first due to the unfortunate passing of Richardson.

Walter seems to believe that the talks about Lohan coming back for Freaky Friday 2 could help prove that there is potential for a sequel to another one of Lohan’s early hits which is, indeed, The Parent Trap. While a co-star from the first film, Elaine Hendrix, may appear in the sequel, it is uncertain (as of now) as to what, exactly, will be going on in the story line if a sequel to the remake actually does get made.

How far back can Disney Plus go to rekindle the magic of old hits and be successful at the same time? Disenchanted did well for the streamer but wasn’t of the highest quality despite the presence of star Amy Adams. The potential interest in another The Parent Trap could also be dependent on how soon Lohan can get into action again to complete projects such as Freaky Friday 2.

A solid script is key to The Parent Trap 2 happening although the fairly recent news of Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis coming back for Freaky Friday 2 has seemingly stirred up talk of this new sequel to The Parent Trap. The fact that the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap made around $60 million domestically, should certainly seal the deal for the potential sequel to come into being if all the other chips fall where they may. That 1998 remake also got a glowing “A” CinemaScore grade.

A new The Parent Trap could also help bring Lohan back into the limelight again where she could learn from her mistakes and end up doing the types of movies that will win her over fans yet another time, some of whom seemingly abandoned her after less successful recent projects.

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