A Producer Insulted Trippie Redd And Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Genre:Sadboy,’ And Things Got Ugly Quick SuperNayr

MGK (the artist formerly known as Machine Gun Kelly) and Trippie Redd will release their recently announced joint project, Genre:Sadboy, on Friday, March 29. One producer will no longer be credited.

On Monday, March 25, a musician going by Kaixan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “the way I just learned I have a beat placement in this this morning and I know it’s bout to be the worst song I’ve ever heard.” The comment was in response to OnThinIce’s post about Genre:Sadboy‘s release date. On Wednesday night, March 29, Trippie Redd responded to Kaixan. “Thanks for letting me know. You have been removed from the album. Good luck.”

Of course, it didn’t end there. Is Twitter beef ever succinct? Kaixan wrote, “thank God ur label paid me in advance [crying emoji, cry-laughing emoji, peace sign emoji],” but Trippie Redd didn’t back down, writing, “This cap. I’ll double the money if you show proof you got paid [blue baseball cap emoji].” MGK also chimed in. “Played himself for twitter likes [clown emoji].”

It’s unclear which Genre:Sadboy song featured Kaixan’s beat, not that it matters anymore. Across several posts, Kaixan went on to explain the issue with being associated with MGK and Trippie, as excerpted below:

“Yall think this funny but name another time a producer has stood by their morals. Most of yall to this day would silently work with terrible corrupt people just for an opportunity. I promise you despite what they say you can still make it in this industry as yourself.

Please never stop being true to yourself and true to the music. Yall got this. That’s all imma say hope yall have a good week.

Please redirect trippie hate to mgk cuz I never said I had an issue with bro I just don’t wanna be tied to no minor lover.”

MGK and Trippie Redd dropped Genre:Sadboy (Documentary) last week and “Lost Boys” on Tuesday, March 26. Watch the documentary above, or watch the “Lost Boys” video below.

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