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Keanu Reeves The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix 5 is in the Development Stages

Drew Goddard will be directing a fifth entry in the popular The Matrix film series which will have Lana Wachowski serving as executive producer.

Blame the pandemic for 2021’s disappointing box-office returns for The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth movie in a series which started with a bang back in 1999. Not only was the pandemic a factor in slightly diminished box-office results for that 2021 picture but HBO Max played the movie the same time it showed in theaters which made it difficult to decipher if there is a theatrical audience for another entry in the franchise. Nevertheless, Drew Goddard is slated to direct the fifth movie in the science fiction saga.

As the 25th anniversary of the original Keanu Reeves starrer, The Matrix, recently approached, Warner Bros is confident that a fifth movie could refuel the series and give it a major reworking for the better after the lukewarm reception to the fourth picture. Goddard is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who got his nod for his work on the screen adaptation of 2015’s The Martian. With a former co-director of The Matrix films, Lana Wachowski, on board as an executive producer, you can be sure Goddard will stay true to the source material of The Matrix Universe.

The big question mark is whether Keanu Reeves or Carrie-Anne Moss will be back in the new picture after their roles in the previous pictures. Early word says the new film will expand on its predecessors while staying faithful to the ingredients that made the earlier movie so well liked by science fiction fans. Goddard helmed films such as The Cabin in the Woods but doesn’t have loads of directorial experience. Still, Warner Bros most likely believes Goddard can re-tool the universe of these films for the greater good.

1999’s The Matrix earned the highest CinemaScore of all the previous picture with an “A-” CinemaScore mark. On the other end of the spectrum, film number four, The Matrix Resurrections, earned a mere “B-.” Because of the 25th anniversary of the original movie, The Matrix has been making its way to many social media posts which cite the film as one of the most influential science-fiction movies of its time.

After the success of the first picture, Warner Bros immediately ordered two more installments of the series which were shot simultaneously. They were, more or less, pretty successful as a whole but the fourth movie was not. Warner Bros hopes to remedy this situation with the upcoming fifth film which will, hopefully, feature Keanu Reeves in some way, shape or form as the actor has been more popular than ever with his work in the acclaimed John Wick pictures.

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