9 K-Pop Groups Possibly Disbanding, 1 Already Renewed Contracts in 2024 – See Which Boy Bands & Girl Group Exclusive Contracts Are Expiring! SuperNayr

It’s not easy being a K-pop idol, and sadly, several K-pop groups are likely disbanding for good this year.

While there are so many incredible girl groups and boy bands in the South Korean music scene, there’s also fierce competition. Exclusive contract deals for groups often expire in less than a decade’s time – seven years to be exact, typically.

It’s pretty common for members of groups to go solo after their contracts expire, or pursue new opportunities, like acting and TV hosting gigs.

As a result, we have some major K-pop groups up for potential disbandment in 2024, and at least one that has already renewed without some members.

Find out which groups are potentially disbanding in 2024, and what one group did after their contracts expired…

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