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Last week brought the arrival of “Branding in Seongsu,” a very anticipated K-drama starring Kim Ji Eun and Lomon. It tells the story of a professional marketing team leader and a young and naive intern working in a popular marketing agency in Seongsu. With the two of them having completely opposite personalities, they end up clashing more than once during their work hours, but when a supernatural event makes their souls switch bodies, they have to learn to literally live in the skin of the other in order to find a way back to their lives. With that set up, it is easy to understand where this drama might go, but as the first set of episodes already aired, keep reading to find out all there is to love or hate about them.

Warning: spoilers from episodes 1-4 below! 

LOVED: A competent and smart boss as a female lead

There’s nothing more appealing in a K-drama than seeing a boss girl fighting for what she wants and not being afraid of having a face off with her competitors. Kang Na Eon (Kim Ji Eun) is the type of determinate, bold, and icy character that we see a lot in male leads but not so often as female leads. However, she also has a vulnerable side to her as seen in the first episode when she nearly has a panic attack the moment the lights go out at her apartment.

Though that fierce temper is a true charm of hers, hopefully we’ll get to see a little character development once she starts to face the consequences of backing up a cosmetic company that lies about not testing their products on animals, something that backfires at her once an anonymous post reveals the truth.

LOVED: The idealistic and sometimes dorky male lead

On the other hand, the male lead is the complete opposite to the female lead. Being just an intern at a marketing agency, So Eun Ho (Lomon) still has that fresh and idealistic spirit that Kang Na Eon despises. He is convinced that making rightful marketing—through fair means and in order to help small companies to shine—is possible, and that is exactly what he wishes to do.

Despite their differences, Eun Ho isn’t afraid of Na Eon’s personality, and he treats her in a rather direct fashion, confronting her for the issues with the cosmetic company and even putting his body on the line, which shows us that although he is a cheerful person most of the time, he also can be strong-minded and bold just like Na Eon.

LOVED: The main couple’s frenemies-like relationship

Just as the saying goes, opposites attract, and that is exactly what happens with these two characters. While Eun Ho might not agree with Na Eon’s way of working, he still respects her and sees her as a brilliant professional. And though Na Eon finds him annoying and naive, it is hinted that she might have a soft spot for Eun Ho, which is a good thing considering that by the end of episode four, these two have already swapped bodies.

All things aside, the chemistry between them is there, making you wait for the development of their relationship in the future especially after the intense kiss scene that they shared, which surely came just as unexpected for Na Eon as it did for viewers in episode 4. Maybe in the future Eun Ho will prove to be the type of warm person that will melt down the icy heart of Na Eon, or she will turn him into an ace of the marketing world.

HATED: The portrayal of the working environment

Something to hate about this otherwise refreshing drama is the nasty portrayal of the working environment. Although everything is a work of fiction, it is somehow annoying seeing the cliché of the jealous coworker who backstabs the female lead or the corporate old geezers who harass their employees.

Though this gives us a reason to root for Kang Na Eon—who sometimes also behaves in a hateful manner towards Eun Ho, taking advantage of him—hopefully this won’t be the main tone of the following episodes and instead they will focus on the development of the characters and their relationship.

HATED: The thriller vibe in the first episodes

There are hints of jump-scares throughout this drama, so if you are not a big fan of thrillers, horror, or scary things, then this will make you a little uncomfortable. From the very beginning, there is some mystery involved in the plot, but it is somehow enhanced with a big psychopath wearing a rabbit mask killing people off or spirit-like hands creeping through Na Eon’s body, which make the drama all the more angsty.

This also makes it a little confusing to decipher what the drama is about with only these first four episodes (since the show follows a web-drama format with 30-minute long episodes). It somehow makes it difficult to fit all the elements of romance, humor, fantasy, and thriller in them, but nonetheless they surely will make it work in some way. In any case, we will find out so much more in the next episodes of “Branding in Seongsu”!

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