1 Year Of Pathaan: John Abraham Remembers Impact Of Shah Rukh Khan Starrer: ‘Film brought glory back to industry’ SuperNayr

Shah Rukh Khan has stamped his authority at box office as he is set to become first actor to deliver 500 cr domestic and 1000 cr worldwide grossers back to back at box office in single year. He himself has broken all records of his previous release Pathaan in matter of 7 months with Jawan!

Shah Rukh Khan ruled with such authority that he alone collected 2700 crore worldwide gross and 1400 crore nett in single year! But this all mayhem started with one film Pathaan, exactly a year back!

Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is considered to be one of the major blockbusters in the history of Indian cinema. The film rocked the box office numbers. Today, January 25, Pathaan completed its one year of release. Reminiscing Pathaan‘s impact on the film industry, John Abraham who played a pivotal role in the action entertainer, said that the film brought glory back to the industry.

John Abraham Speaks Proudly On 1 Year Of Release Of Pathaan

In Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan, John Abraham played the role of an antagonist and received immense love and attention for his amazing performance. As the film completes its one year of release, John told ANI, “Pathaan‘s anniversary will always be nostalgic for me personally and also for the Hindi film industry because this was the film that made us as an industry bounce back.”

He further added, “This film brought a lot of respect and glory back to the industry.” Abraham added that Pathaan changed perception, emotion, and the forward journey of the Hindi film industry.

Expressing love and gratitude for the love and support he received for his performance in Pathaan, the actor shared, “I will always have extremely fond memories of Pathaan for this reason because this industry is my home. The amount of love I have got for Pathaan is incredible.” He added that playing an anti-hero and winning the hearts of the audience is a very special feeling.

Going forward, John further hoped that he would continue to be a part of this YRF Spy Universe and satisfy everyone with his craft towards cinema.

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Pathaan A Milestone Film

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Pathaan, thus, was a milestone film for Khan, his fans, and the Hindi film industry, as it marked the return of the King of Bollywood and the revival of the big-screen magic. The film also showed that Khan was still capable of delivering hits and entertaining the masses with his charisma and talent. Pathaanwas not just a film, but a phenomenon that changed the game for everyone involved.

We all are very lucky to witness phenomenon called Pathaan, yes it will always remain very personal to every cinema lover all over. 

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